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Finally, something interesting!

Finally, something interesting!

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Craiig [reply] [edit] [delete]

Yeah woohoo new comic

Author Jakes [reply] [edit] [delete]
Not saying i'm mad, but more finding the fact amusing, that the last thing said in the previous comic was and I quote "Flying (as in skipping) over all the adventure... is cheating." I'm just pointing out the irony and find it funny, that's all. G'day peoplez

Jasae Bushae [reply] [edit] [delete]
My one regret about Winter Melody ending is that I shall never get to find out what the heck Moth is resting against in that loose end wrap-up in the final page...Is that a giant fluffy goat? A goat mountain?
I wanna see a full picture of that cute thing~ X3

Ah wells, what I enjoyed most about Winter Melody was the creative wildlife that the comics revealed, which Barbarian Pear seems to carry over, so I shall be looking forward to this. ^^

whoisdahlia [reply] [edit] [delete]
I really like her mount!

Berzerker (Bez) [reply] [edit] [delete]
considering that it's you, this should be interesting.